I’ve been busy for the past few days doing not what I should have been doing which is translating “Isekai Majutsushi wa Mahou wo Tonaenai” but using Rpg maker to actually make a game!

It’s in development ATM so far I have the start and character selection done just basic stuff trying to make it interesting as it’s loosely based on From where you left off and trying to make interesting mechanics in something I know nothing about.

Well either way the demo will be out in a few days and I hope it gets some plays!


oh well, i guess i’ll give up then

i keep coming up with ideas and like a week after i start to put them to paper someone releases the exact same thing. i thought of doing a choose you own adventure thing using youtube annotations then a week later some youtuber did it. recently i thought of writing a story where the protagonist can create and manipulate periodic elements in a fantasy world then THIS showed up and it like the nth teenth time its happened.


So I decided to count calories and I lost 16 pound in a week which my doctor didn’t find strange at all for some reason when other doctors I’ve had said it was to much to lose at once it should be like 10 pounds a month or something. I also started walking that week nothing even that hard really. It was probably the calories tho since the amount was basically cut down to about 1800 a day.

Very ambitious

Well I’ve been making and testing and editing and making and testing and editing for the past week almost every waking hour. The more I learn the more my idea for a game grows maybe I should focus on just putting out a demo first.